FACTS: Divergence

August 22, 2014

It keeps looking like “protect and serve” might only be for some people and THIS IS NOT NEW INFORMATION! This is not a repeat of past “bad” history, this is a continuation of it. In the same vein, the same people (namely, people of color), for whom “protect and serve” do not apply, are far too frequently impacted by acts that show protection from illegal search and seizure; freedom of the press; freedom of assembly; separation of church and state; the right to vote; the right to bear arms; the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; among other “inalienable rights” are only permitted for a segment of the population in which people of color do not inhabit. There seems to be everlasting issues with rights of minority individuals in this country.

It also seems as though these issues are so increasingly complex, comprehension of the nature of power, control, and access to basic “human rights” need to be discussed on a broader spectrum. These need to be discussed outside of people who already advocate for awareness around ones own privileges & prejudices. Moreover, institutional racism needs to be discussed as a FACT, not an opinion. It needn’t be discussed under the notion of people of color playing the “race card.” A card of which WE would be incapable of playing if it weren’t in OUR hand. A card that would not so injure you if the reality of it was not that its presence strips away some of the privilege and power you hold closely (knowingly or not) and freely wield as a factor of your privilege.

This is reality. It is not some fabricated imagining of paranoid people of color and we do not need to prove it to you. As a matter of fact, You only need to look around you to see its evidence. It is a fact that the individuals controlling, regulating, writing, and enacting the laws do so with an agenda that routinely negatively impacts a segment of American society. This routine negative impact is so normal that a President speaking strongly against oppression of people of color can be perceived as negative, in a country that advocated the people in other countries overthrow regimes that ignored their basic human rights. This routine negative impact is so normal that people try to minimize it while ignoring the facts of history and present reality, that even while the face of this country and while holding the “highest (political) office” people of color lack social, political, and economic POWER in many critical realms.

This doesn’t mean the minority/people of color populations are hopeless, helpless, hapless, and incapable of agency. Instead, it means WE are so thoroughly hindered, these hindrances continually and negatively effect us for GENERATIONS. Also, in the same way institutional racism needs to be discussed as a FACT, so does generational poverty. But, maybe that’s for another topic for another time.

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